Welcome to Grace Connect SARL

The GRC Suite has been designed to include all relevant modules supporting a smart and efficient deployment of a risk culture within your organization, while ensuring a smooth adherence to regulatory requirements.


Grace Connect GRC Suite is a comprehensive product solution designed to manage Non Financial risks.

As illustrated on the product mapping below, it is built upon modules that are clustered in 4 main categories:

  1. Emergency and incident management providing templates to record information on issues identified within the organization.

  2. Business resilience ensuring that processes are robust enough to carry out business operations adequately.

  3. Regulatory & Compliance giving an oversight on internal / external requirements to be embedded within the organization.

  4. Maturity scanning allowing to benchmark against market best practices and evaluate next steps in terms of maturity for Non Financial risks.

All modules are related to the Tasks tracking system that puts the organization in motion and enables users to deliver actions before agreed due dates.