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Grace Connect Incident Management​ modules provide an exhaustive logging of various incident types as they occur in the organization. Efficient monitoring is made possible with the embedded ticketing system in Grace Connect Incident Management.

​Grace Connect Incident Management is designed to register incidents arising from Operational Risk, Compliance, Information Security or Cyber Security, Privacy issues (such as data breaches). Fields are customized with their respective meta data in order to facilitate swift management response. ​

The GRC Suite offers a specific module dedicated to GDPR data breaches. The interface is fully customized with appropriate meta data in order to assess the severity of the data breach and the necessity to disclose the breach to the Data Privacy Authority.​

For Organizations with advanced data quality framework in place, a module is built-in to log data quality issues arising from execution of business operations. This module can be aligned with the client’s data flow and the data dictionary also included in Grace Connect GRC Suite.

Incident page enables users to record and manage incidents in Grace Connect.
Not only Operational Risk incidents, but also other categories such as:
data quality issues
cyber security incidents
data breaches (GDPR requirement).

Incidents are listed and illustrated with predefined graphs and are an input to Key Performance indicators.
This allows users to have a direct views on burning issues with possible P&L impacts.

A set of KPI’s and graphs has been pre-defined in the GRC Suite to provide users and management with a clear insight on critical issues that require immediate attention.

KPI’s and graphs uploaded in the GRC Suite provide a comprehensive view on incidents.
For advanced users, additional KPI’s and graphs can be added upon request.