Welcome to Grace Connect SARL

Grace Connect Cyber Security ensures a sound management of Cyber threats arising from the cyber space. It provides a complete set of solutions to monitor cyber threats, document pen-testing activities, and perform CIA classification on critical IT assets in order to manage vulnerabilities. Together, these assessments and monitoring activities will prepare the organization for the management of cyber security risks.

Through an API, Grace Connect Cyber Security could be linked to a Central Threat Intelligence or SIEM solutions that could be present within the client’s IT infrastructure.

Grace Connect Cyber Security also has a specific module to perform an overall cyber security maturity self-assessment (based on market best practices).

Grace Connect GRC Suite includes a set of modules dedicated to the management of Cyber Security risks.
A maturity assessment enables to focus on areas to reinforce in the short term and design a roadmap to increase the maturity for Cyber security in the long term.

Cyber security incidents are logged in a dedicated module and Cyber threats are monitored on a frequent basis to ensure that the organization is aware of possible threats arising from the cyberspace

The Cyber security module is fully aligned with Information Security CIA classification and is applicable to all systems stored in the GRC Suite.

Possibility to have a Cyber Security maturity assessment stored and mapped out with Grace Connect Task tracking module.